Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basket Time

Well to update on the Imholte Family.  Julianna is almost 11 months old and is starting to stand on her own for at least 30 seconds.  It looks like she wants to just take off but is unsure how it all works.  I'm getting ready for her birthday party because I plan to do most of it with homemade decoration.  Nick and I went out on a mandatory date night (thanks to our church) and had a blast.  We went to see Little Fockers which was FUNNY!  Apparently it was not that funny to most of the people in the theater cause there were plenty of moments where I was the only one laughing out loud.  Oh well!!!!

Well this morning I'm pretty excited because I ordered my first bountiful baskets!  For those of you who don't know what that is because I didn't either, it a program sort of like a farmer market.  The difference is you pay in advance for a basket and extra goodies if you want.  Then you just go by and pick it up!  Its organic and I heard you get a lot.  I'll post a pic of my basket when I get back.  For now check out the website

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