Sunday, August 8, 2010

Homemade Pizza

So I got the recipe from $5 dollar dinner mom on how to make Homemade pizza and thought I should take a shot at it.  I made dough for the first time and for some reason it wouldn't rise lol...I put the yeast in there and everything. I may need to let it sit for longer than I did.  Well the pizza did turn out nicely but I really need to invest in a roller pin if I'm going to continue.  It turned into more of a Chicago Deep Dish with the deepness being full of dough! I could tell it wasn't a hit by the way Nick chewed his piece. LOL Well better luck next time. On Tonight's Menu...Grilled Pork Chops

Ms. Bottle Holder!

Just a couple of days ago Julianna started holding her own bottle (tear, tear)...She's so funny cause she likes to eat a little bit then just sit there and then put the bottle back in her mouth all while giggling. 

My Big Girl

Julianna is now 5 months old and just look how big she is.  She really is becoming such a silly girl.  I wonder where she gets it from

Friday, August 6, 2010

My First post!!!

Today is my first post ever!!!  I've decided to start this blog after getting a book called the $5 dinner mom.  I want to post how my home cooking experience is going.  I'm trying to make sure we eat at home as much as possible so I will try to take a picture of our nightly meals and talk about how they went.  


I'm keeping this blog because a lot of my family is long distance and since we have a brand spanking new baby I want my family to be able to see all the cute things she does...

Well let see how this goes....