Saturday, December 1, 2012

The longest day ever!!!

Well today was one for the books! We had already had a late night before. I took juju to go see The Nutcracker which she absolutely loved! She oohed and aaaaed the whole time. She even wanted to be on the stage. Looks like I have a girl after my own heart!!!

So back to today..we got up early to go see Santa arrive via helicopter. Juju was stoked because she had been asking to see him since thanksgiving.

We then hung out with the family until it was time for the parade. I'm pretty sure this is where the parent angel came and said "I really think you should take the kids home to nap" but oh no no! We flicked that thought right out of the air and figured they would be fine.😁 Juju has been refusing naps and Ryzon hasn't been sleeping on his own since we got out of the hospital. So I figured the nap that he took over nicks parents house was enough. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Okay so side note we parked our car earlier that day for prime seating for the parade later. We were excited to be able to just sit in our truck and watch the parade. Weeeeeelllll with the change in where they were starting the parade we found out that the closest we could get to our car was a whole block away!!

Doesn't sound bad right??? Nope not to this crossfit momster And her Tarzan hubby. But add in chairs, blankets, snacks, a tray of Starbucks and two sleepy, cranky kids and even the toughest person on earth would be dreading this walk. Thankfully my uncle was with us and could offer some more muscle.

We ended the night with me sitting and standing more than a Catholic Church service with Ryzon and nick walking even more to calm juju down since she was completely done! We also decided that we hadn't had enough torture yet and wanted to see just how much we could handle and went to dinner. We got out of there alive with only a huge knot on Ryzon's eye from juju pushing him down.

So now as I lay in bed while nicks sleeping with juju in her toddler bed (yes toddler size) I am just blessed to know that God sent me the perfect mate who allows me to laugh at such days like this. We both have our moments where we lose it but most of the time they are opposite each other and one is able to calm the other down.

I love this crazy life of mine and am so glad I have nick to share it with!

P.S we just got an elf named Glitter who watches the kids during the day and reports back to Santa at night. She then picks a new spot to sit and juju has to find her :)

I can't figure out how to add pics except at the end so ill try to go in order

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 update

Hey everyone! So I figured since I have an iPhone now it should be easier to update my blog and I have a really good feeling that I Am going to need to start blogging.

We find out in less than two weeks if nick is going to become an Air Force officer! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for change (the good change) but nervous about the unknown. December 5 is the date so expect an update by then.

Here's our family update: Ryzon is 11 months now and just recently had to undergo two back to back surgeries. I will do a separate post about that at a later time. For now we are just happy to have our baby boy back and healthy. He is walking and is getting into everything! He follows his sister everywhere

Speaking of which Julianna is now 2 1/2 and is becoming quite the kid. She gets everything now and her vocabulary is building by the second. She is such a loving person and is a natural born leader. This is a fun age because we do dates now and she loves having one on one time!

Today we went to the park because mommy was losing it and needed to get out. We didnt even make it to the playground because the kids were so fascinated with throwing rocks into the "lake". It was a puddle from the sprinkler system.

I took that opportunity to teach science. We would find different size rocks and then guess what size puddle we would get. Juju really got into and Ryzon didn't eat the rocks! Scoooore!!!!